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BoyphotoNow that the benjamen’s are flowing, how you feel?
You seem stressed and hurting and then you brag and make such a big deal.
So tell me is it really worth it?

Sure everyone’s looking to get ahead, push onward.
Always swirling and looking for what’s next keep marching forward.
So tell me, how’s that pain inside your head?

No time to enjoy what happens today.
Tomorrow promises a brighter future, yet so many walk without their power nowadays.
So tell me, are you happy do you feel your inner joy?

Wake up people it’s now about your mess.
Stop choosing that which makes you feel less.
So tell me, are you ready to explore all there is to offer?

Don’t mean to confuse you, but the choice is always yours.
Be cool, that’s courageous, confident and not somebodies tool.
So tell me, are you ready to give it all you got?

Unconditional love starts right inside your heart.
Love who you are and share that with others.
So tell me, are you ready to start?




skyphotoHello my friend, will you come with me, the universe awaits us.
Close your eyes and let your soul fly free, exactly where you need to be.
For I have free tickets to paradise, no need to even think twice.
Open your heart, let your mind take flight to places you desire.
I’m right beside you, heart wide open, soaring angelically inspired.
Come fly with me and we will see the colors of the world.
Feel the love that surrounds us all, it’s OK to release those broken walls.
So come on my friend let’s go to where the feeling is simply beautiful.
Where we can be abstract and free, enjoying exquisite harmony.
I’ve got free tickets to paradise, won’t you just come with me.



A little birdie woke me up this morning and the message was clear.
I had a dream, a wake-up call. If dreams are a source of personal guidance to inspire and allow me to connect with what I already know, then last night’s dream was magnificent. For my dream has fueled me to put into action all that I know. Time for me to inspire me, I am my own best friend.
I awoke with a feeling of shock and concern and wondering what does it mean? I remembered key people and objects and thoughts in my dream and how I was feeling. My first feeling, was determination and the thought- time to give myself a kick in the ass. I know what I need to do to live a magnificent life. I know what makes me feel good and what makes me happy. Who am I fooling when I choose to do things that go against what I know is true for me. My morning unfolds with Day 4 of a 21-day meditation journey with Deepak which allows me to dive deeper. I turn to my dream book to reference what experts may interpret my dream to be –
My Dream, My Wake-Up Call: The doctor (my inner guidance) is sitting next to me with something important to tell me. Others who are with us in the room, get up to leave and as they leave the room I can hear them saying- I can’t deal with this, I don’t want to be there when he tells her (me not dealing) – so I am quietly sitting there wondering – Ok so tell me, tell me what I need to hear. And then those words come out of his mouth – You Have Cancer. There it is, those same feelings I had when I was actually diagnosed more than 12 years ago; anger, frustration, determination, panic, confusion, fear and my greatest challenge to myself, to live. Yes, Cancer challenged me to live the life I was born to live.
My Dream book says Cancer is a message to me; (time to get things up & out, time to be honest with myself). Anger (my anger to myself is my inner voice- my little birdie telling me, you know what you need to do). My wake-up call today I share with you because I think we all need to be our own best friend. My morning meditation with Deepak was very simple yet powerful and moving. His message, “When you are choosing what you will do today, be it what you eat, think and do – pause and ask yourself would I suggest this to my friend?” Thank you, Deepak.
My Wake-up Message: “Love yourself, be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. Be true to who you are and foster that which you know makes you feel good, for you my friend are my best friend. Connect with your higher power and allow the guidance that surrounds you to be. Who knows better than you what makes you feel fantastic and what feels right to you – only you can do for you. You have the key to unlock who you are and live your very own magnificent life.” DJB




SunOhmmphotoMother Nature, Panache, Deepak Chopra, Abraham-Hicks, My Universal Connection; GOD. Guiding me each day to be
Amazingly, True, Undeniably, Open, Absolutely, The Best
No need to fret he will provide the rest.
I Trust there is a plan and life is unfolding exactly as I need it to be.
The warm embrace of my faith, feels expansive and free.
In the quiet stillness of my mind I can feel the joy and happiness swirling all around.
Right here, right now, – my life is nothing like the rest.



HPIM2148Life Gets Hot  by DJB

Gonna take you to that back road place.

Oh yeah, I can see it on your face.

Slide over baby, come on sit close.

We’re gonna reach for the sky, get tangled, dive deep.

So close your eyes hold my hand, come on baby take a leap.

Gonna go to that place, where life gets hot.

Come on baby, sit close take a shot.

Skin to the road, we can start real slow.

Pump it up, come on, let lose, let it flow.

Slide over baby, come on sit close.

Oh baby girl you ain’t like most.

We gonna go where life gets hot.

Come on girl, time for you to take your shot.

Oh yeah I can see it on your face.

You gonna go to that back road place.

Where life gets hot – baby girl takes her shot.



HOPE is when you decide to let it all go. When you get in your car, turn the key and give your desire some gas. You venture down a new road, you fuel your dreams and boom – you’re gone with a blast.

HOPE is that moment you know, you gotta do it different. You’re feelin good to ramble; no way is it bout being efficient. HOPE is when you grab a new thought that takes you to a brighter feeling. Nobody else needs to know, cause inside your healing.

HOPE is that shift in your life, when you create a new map. You know your joy is exploding, Yes, you’re ready to make it last. HOPE is, believing in the magic of change. Have some faith, you’re ready to allow, make a shift, rearrange.

hope is, the magic of change. HOPEphoto