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2015 first quarter 081
I am talking about You. No not who. I said You.
That bright shining star,who came racing into life, ready to shed your light.
You shine so bright in this very time and space, this very special place.                                                                   Remember Who You Are-                                            YOU-Matter, YOU-Love, YOU-Are.
Sweet little person with wide open eyes, you ascended into this magnificent world.
A surprising soul filled with pure incredible love.  Nobody can hold you back. Open-Your Eyes, Open-Your Heart, Open your Mind. Receive It.

YOUR Life, YOUR Gift, YOUR Love
Always remember who you are.

A beautiful one of a kind joyful loving star.





Feels so good I want to laugh and cry all at the same time.
I feel like dancing, singing and running down a beach.
Life is getting better and it is all within my reach.
With all that I know on the bigger plan, I trust life will make you a better man.
No need to worry no need to regret, open your heart and let your love flow.
With unconditional love.  But how you ask, because I don’t know…
Welcome each person with pure honest love and treat them as if they were your own greatest love.
Say the words you long to hear, loving messages that will be cherished for years.
I love you, I love you, I am thrilled you are here. You look fantastic, I just want to cheer.
You are my best chapter in my book of life. My arms are wide open, fill me up nothing else will suffice.
IMG_1805Feels so good I just want to laugh and cry. I feel like dancing and singing while running down a beach.
Life is getting better and it is all within our reach.