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Kindness When people act with kindness life flows with ease and joy.



It’s just me, looking back at you.

You are who I know you to be; you are you and you are me.

There is no need to fear, I am always right hear.

Trust in me as I do you.  Believe in the plan, no worries my dear.

There is no need for fear, I am always with you everywhere.

Come on let’s go, there is nothing for want, there is no lack.

Never doubt the plan, it only holds us back.

Trust in me as I do you. Stay the course, you’re right on track.

There is no need to fear, I am always by your side so close, so near.

It’s me just looking back at you.IMG_8198




She wore cotton panties, a t-shirt and soft jeans.
Her feet were bare as she stood on the cold bathroom floor.
Her hair was soft and smelled sweet, enticing for sure.
Her reflection in the mirror was familiar and yet at that moment, unsure.

She slipped on her halo; a loving spiritual light of armor that would follow her out the door.
A light dusting of makeup to accentuate her glow.
She tossed her long locks, and threw caution to the wind.
Again, she looked in the mirror and let her daily mantra began to flow from within.

“Your beautiful. I love you. Your heart is filled with love. Go spread your loving kindness to others and joyfully engage with your world today. Have fun! Be creative! Go share some love today.”

She closed her eyes, placed her hands over her chest. Slowly she took three deep loving breathes.
She was appreciating this exciting new day. This enlightening moment of spiritual guidance directly from above.
She knew she was blessed.
She gently wrapped her arms around her shoulders and felt her loving angles all around her, encompassing her with love.
She knew it was time to go and she knew, she was loved from those who passed before her. From the almighty above.

She paused, took a second look at her reflection in the mirror and knew today she was going to be exactly as she was born to be –

Above the fray – by DJB


above the fray
Right there above the fray my spirit fly’s free.

Saturday soul mix with my masters and me
Just me and my God, my mind is so free.

My stride is long, my thoughts are all about me.

Right there where my spirit fly’s free- above the fray is where I pray.
Oh yah above the fray is where I pray.

Massive miracles flow my way, I smile and wave
Keep going you’re on your way- for it is a new day.

Saturday soul mix with my masters and me
Just me and my God, my mind is so free.

Right there where my spirit fly’s free- above the fray is where I pray.
Oh yah above the fray is where I pray.

Today will soon be your glorious tomorrow. by DJB



The moon met the sun and today arrived. I quickened my morning stride, as she headed out to be by her sisters side.
The masters are with us their message is the same. Dive deep for your journey is within. No looking back there is nobody to blame.
Yes I know, everything is going to be alright. She has more work to do, her journey is not complete. Just be open and accepting for when she emerges her story will make you weep.
An enlightened vision will allow you to see the world from high above and from way up there our world seems very small. For it is the universe that surrounds us with unconditional love. So, hopefully you can accept we are connected and break down your heart wall. Then you will be ready to meet her, for you both deserve unconditional love.
The masters are calling the young towards the magnificent higher view. Eyes wide open, there are angles next to you. Beautiful blossoms who reveal their brilliant shining light, energized and fully grounded and joyful muse.
Life is unfolding always in a forward motion. Drop your bags at the door, no need to look back, you’ve been there before. For today will soon be your tomorrow.
Make every twenty-four hours last, moment by moment for your present will soon be your glorious past. Look to the sky and watch as the sun meets the moon and another day arrives.



2015 first quarter 081
I am talking about You. No not who. I said You.
That bright shining star,who came racing into life, ready to shed your light.
You shine so bright in this very time and space, this very special place.                                                                   Remember Who You Are-                                            YOU-Matter, YOU-Love, YOU-Are.
Sweet little person with wide open eyes, you ascended into this magnificent world.
A surprising soul filled with pure incredible love.  Nobody can hold you back. Open-Your Eyes, Open-Your Heart, Open your Mind. Receive It.

YOUR Life, YOUR Gift, YOUR Love
Always remember who you are.

A beautiful one of a kind joyful loving star.




Feels so good I want to laugh and cry all at the same time.
I feel like dancing, singing and running down a beach.
Life is getting better and it is all within my reach.
With all that I know on the bigger plan, I trust life will make you a better man.
No need to worry no need to regret, open your heart and let your love flow.
With unconditional love.  But how you ask, because I don’t know…
Welcome each person with pure honest love and treat them as if they were your own greatest love.
Say the words you long to hear, loving messages that will be cherished for years.
I love you, I love you, I am thrilled you are here. You look fantastic, I just want to cheer.
You are my best chapter in my book of life. My arms are wide open, fill me up nothing else will suffice.
IMG_1805Feels so good I just want to laugh and cry. I feel like dancing and singing while running down a beach.
Life is getting better and it is all within our reach.



BoyphotoNow that the benjamen’s are flowing, how you feel?
You seem stressed and hurting and then you brag and make such a big deal.
So tell me is it really worth it?

Sure everyone’s looking to get ahead, push onward.
Always swirling and looking for what’s next keep marching forward.
So tell me, how’s that pain inside your head?

No time to enjoy what happens today.
Tomorrow promises a brighter future, yet so many walk without their power nowadays.
So tell me, are you happy do you feel your inner joy?

Wake up people it’s now about your mess.
Stop choosing that which makes you feel less.
So tell me, are you ready to explore all there is to offer?

Don’t mean to confuse you, but the choice is always yours.
Be cool, that’s courageous, confident and not somebodies tool.
So tell me, are you ready to give it all you got?

Unconditional love starts right inside your heart.
Love who you are and share that with others.
So tell me, are you ready to start?