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People I meet

Connections with Nature


Connections with Nature.  Breathe, Move, Flow.  Walking in nature is my meditation.  I like the smells of the earth, the feel of a slight breeze mixed with the warmth of the sun and the sounds are amazing.  Crickets, birds, bull-fogs and that soft sound of leaves moving is such a calming affect. No chatter, just nature talking, I am listening.


I Feel Connected


It was your warm smile, your healing words and your caring energy that made me feel connected.

You entered my life at the perfect moment.  Our conversation was enlightening and comforting. I left you that first day with a sense of  ease and calm satisfaction.  You made me smile, like a long-lost  friend, I knew we had a connection.  

Looking back I remember how, I shared with you and you shared with me.  Together we gave each other exactly what we needed,  a supportive connection.  I felt so good to have a friend that understood my fears and did not back away.   The day after we met, I awoke with a smile knowing, yesterday was perfect and no matter what the next day would bring you are my friend.  You are my Support Connection.