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HOPE is when you decide to let it all go. When you get in your car, turn the key and give your desire some gas. You venture down a new road, you fuel your dreams and boom – you’re gone with a blast.

HOPE is that moment you know, you gotta do it different. You’re feelin good to ramble; no way is it bout being efficient. HOPE is when you grab a new thought that takes you to a brighter feeling. Nobody else needs to know, cause inside your healing.

HOPE is that shift in your life, when you create a new map. You know your joy is exploding, Yes, you’re ready to make it last. HOPE is, believing in the magic of change. Have some faith, you’re ready to allow, make a shift, rearrange.

hope is, the magic of change. HOPEphoto


Mind Your Own Mantra



Quiet my love, no need to talk. Feel my love and joy even thru the silence and the dark.
Hear the music flowing, the wind has wisdom to share.                                                                                           

Listen to the birds they are singing everywhere.

Quiet my love, no need to talk. Simply, open your heart and just walk.
The moon is void in messenger so don’t even try to say it, for your words have no spark.
Today, it is time to mind your own mantra and just walk.

Quiet my love, do not talk, mind your own mantra and just walk.
Open your heart so you feel it swirl round you, for the wind knows how to make a true mark.
There, there my love, just quiet your thoughts.

Mind your own mantra and just walk.

The Positive ABC’s of Life!


A= Appreciation, Abundance, Alignment, Achievement, Awesome
B= Beautiful, Bask, Balance, BELIEVE
C= Creativity, Connections, Clarity, Consciousness, Courage
D= Desire, Delicious, Decisions
E= Energy, Ease, Excitement, Eternity
F= Fun, Flow, Flavorful, Freedom, FAITH 

G= Goodness, Glorious, Great LOVE!
H= Humanitarian, Hope, Honored, Happy, Harmony, Healthy
I= Innovative, Inner-balance, Infinity, Intentions, Imagination
J=Juicy, Joy, Journey, Joy
K= Kindness, OK, Knowing
L = Love, Luscious, Love, Limitless, LIFE! 

 M=Motivational, Marvelous, Much LOVE! 

N= Neighborly, New, NOW

 O= Outstanding, Organized

P= Positive, Perfect, Present, Passion, PURPOSE
Q= Quest, Questions=Answers
R= Relax, Rest, Re-Charge, Reality, Release, READY
S= Support, Sure, Sustainable, Success, Source
T= Talented, Terrific, Think, Thank you

 U= Understanding, Uplifting, Universe
V= Vivacious, Vibrant, Victorious, Vision

W=Wonderful, Wholehearted, Wisdom

X= Extraordinary
Y = Yummy, Yeh!
Z= Zesty, Zippy

Enjoy Life!