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It’s just me, looking back at you.

You are who I know you to be; you are you and you are me.

There is no need to fear, I am always right hear.

Trust in me as I do you.  Believe in the plan, no worries my dear.

There is no need for fear, I am always with you everywhere.

Come on let’s go, there is nothing for want, there is no lack.

Never doubt the plan, it only holds us back.

Trust in me as I do you. Stay the course, you’re right on track.

There is no need to fear, I am always by your side so close, so near.

It’s me just looking back at you.IMG_8198




She wore cotton panties, a t-shirt and soft jeans.
Her feet were bare as she stood on the cold bathroom floor.
Her hair was soft and smelled sweet, enticing for sure.
Her reflection in the mirror was familiar and yet at that moment, unsure.

She slipped on her halo; a loving spiritual light of armor that would follow her out the door.
A light dusting of makeup to accentuate her glow.
She tossed her long locks, and threw caution to the wind.
Again, she looked in the mirror and let her daily mantra began to flow from within.

“Your beautiful. I love you. Your heart is filled with love. Go spread your loving kindness to others and joyfully engage with your world today. Have fun! Be creative! Go share some love today.”

She closed her eyes, placed her hands over her chest. Slowly she took three deep loving breathes.
She was appreciating this exciting new day. This enlightening moment of spiritual guidance directly from above.
She knew she was blessed.
She gently wrapped her arms around her shoulders and felt her loving angles all around her, encompassing her with love.
She knew it was time to go and she knew, she was loved from those who passed before her. From the almighty above.

She paused, took a second look at her reflection in the mirror and knew today she was going to be exactly as she was born to be –